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Hospital Bag Must Haves for New Moms


July 20, 2023

This spring, I welcomed my baby girl, Caroline, to the world. As a first-time mom, I spent a lot of time agonizing about what should be in my hospital bag. Now that I’ve settled down from her birth, I wanted to share my absolute must haves from Amazon for my hospital bag. I packed a lot of extra items, including basic clothing and toiletries. But, the hospital honestly supplied me with so much of what I needed. The things I included in today’s post and on my must have list are what I definitely used while we were there. I hope it’s helpful as you put together your own hospital bag! 

For the Baby 

Being a photographer, I knew that I would want some extra photos of Caroline before we left the hospital. I brought an outfit for her and a welcome sign so that we could take a few cute photos of her arrival. These were special to me and I’m so happy we used them! I also had a diaper bag already packed to travel home with her when we were released!  

items for baby's return home after birth from Amazon

Sleep and Feeding Items

While we were in the hospital, I knew I’d want a few items to help my transition with Caroline. I focused on a few things that would help us both sleep better, including a sound machine and Halo sleep sack swaddle. I also brought along a few items to help with breastfeeding, including my Haakaa breast pump and boppy pillow (and cover). These helped me feel more comfortable as we began a new journey together! 

For My Recovery

The last few items in my bag were for my own comfort during recovery. I brought along a battery operated fan, a smaller bag that had a few items I needed, and a larger toiletry bag for my own products. While the hospital had some, it’s nice to have products you love and trust after delivery. Finally, I brought along lavender oil for myself, too! 

Your hospital bag is your own, so plan to bring what you’ll need to feel comfortable during recovery as you welcome your new baby to the world. Most hospitals will have some basics for you, so try not to stress out while packing! I hope this list gives you a great starting place, mama!! 

Hospital Bag Must Haves for a First Time Mom: My Favorite Amazon Finds as an expecting mother for delivery and recovery

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