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education for the photographer that is ready to give their business the attention it deserves..

I have built a business I am proud of. I have found so much purpose beyond "just taking pictures."
I love having the opportunity to educate passionate photographers about how to strengthen their business and create an incredible experience start to finish. I love sharing my journey and encouraging you in yours!

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I love talking with other photographers about where they are, and setting goals to get their business where they dream of!

All mentoring and coaching options are  tailored to what areas each individual photographer's specific business needs are. This is a time of growth and empowerment! I want you to feel confident and capable of reaching any goal. It is never too soon to start working ON your business rather than IN it!

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tools of the trade

The Contract Shop:

This is where I purchase contract templates. It is always best to have a lawyer read over your contracts and adjust them for your location and industry! 

The J&M Ultimate "Get Booked" Business Course

The Art of Authentic Posing

These are two of my favorite online courses I've ever taken!!!

resources for you

Honeybook (get 50% off using this link): 

This is how I manage clients, send contracts, invoices, and questionnaires!


I LOVE sharing these tips with other photographers and business owners because it has completely transformed my business! 

quick and easy tips to convert more inquiries into paying clients