I'm so glad you're here! Here's a little about me...

What a surprise it was to me that the girl who was always described as “quiet” in large groups, I found that weddings made me come alive. Being in the presence of that feeling of oneness with all the hearts and minds lifting up the couple in love is such a rare and special moment in life. To me, photos are the best way to hold those moments from your wedding in your heart and to share them with friends, family, and future generations.

I guess I am a bit of an old soul, a bit of a romantic, but still leaving enough room to indulge in trendy coffee shops and The Bachelor (don’t judge!). History and stories are so meaningful to me. On my wedding day, my husband recorded a song on a cassette and gave it to me to play on an old tape recorder. My parents rented a 1955 Chevy for a getaway car and tied the same shoes and cans that were used for their wedding!


hello there

I believe in love (truly), and I believe in finding joyfulness together. Even though we’ve been married a few years now, AJ and I still plan “surprise date nights” for each other. It’s so much fun to plan these, and often we just find ourselves walking around antique stores, imaging the history and stories behind the treasures we find.

When I’m not photographing a wedding, you’ll probably find me walking around my neighborhood or hiking at a nearby trail, visiting Boone, NC (college sweethearts FTW!), or snuggled on the couch watching some stand-up comedy because laughter is just the best. 

I’m also pretty well known for my big smile, my big heart, and my big sweet tooth. (Feed me cake at your wedding, and I’m your BFF for life). 

Mostly, I really like people and getting to know what’s important to them. I hope I can meet you soon! It would be an honor to get to know you.

fuzzy blankets

(It's a borderline obsession.)

surprise dates

(It's our monthly tradition.)

coffee in the morning

(With hazelnut creamer.)

walks around the neighborhood

(To see all the cute doggos mostly.)

Vanilla scented anything

(Is this what heaven smells like?)

Christmas lights

(Year round.)

cooking at home

(Easy recipes, of course!)

watching the bachelor

(Yep, I'm that person.)

boone, north carolina

(My home away from home.)

Yoga and barre

(So good for body, mind, and spirit!)

day trips

(To somewhere new or familiar.)

well decorated airbnbs

(Inspiration for that fixer upper we'll have some day.)


my favorite things

 'just married' feeling


the way he looks in that tux


all your best gals showering you
with love


mom helping you into your
dream dress


a quiet prayer before the most important moment


the butterflies right before you
see him


the tears you'll
shed during
your first look


those fun wedding dress twirls


the thoughtful details that make the day about you


the foundation you've built for a beautiful life together


finally being husband and wife!


the finishing touches and anticipation


the moment when dad sees you as a bride