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Detail Styling Kit for Photographers | My Favorite Amazon Finds 

For Photographers

February 7, 2023

One of the most exciting parts of any wedding day is capturing all of my couple’s details! I love arriving at a wedding and being handed the box with their shoes, jewelry, invitation suites, and flowers. It’s a lot of fun pulling out each item and creating stunning flat lays with them all. Over the years, I’ve created a detail styling kit that comes with me to each wedding. While I tend to be minimal about what I add into my flat lays (as I want my couple’s choices to shine!), I like having a few things on hand. Today, I’m sharing my favorite Amazon finds for your detail styling kit as a wedding photographer

Upleveling your detail photos doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. These items are inexpensive but can help you create truly beautiful images for your couples. Like I said, I tend to be a bit more minimal about what I add. But, it’s nice to have things on hand to complete the flat lays I’m working on! 

Mini Reflector 

This mini reflector is one of my favorite items to have in my detail styling kit. Detail flat lays are often photographed during prep at the start of the day – in suites or hotel rooms – that don’t always have the best light. Having this little reflector helps me make the most of the light I do have for the flat lays! 

mini reflector for wedding days


Ribbons can bring a stylish sense of elegance to your couple’s detail photos. Consider purchasing ribbons that match or accent their wedding colors to really up the images. Neutrals are always a great option, too – and go with almost any palette! 

blue ribbons for detail styling kit for wedding photographers

Gauze Runner

One of my favorite tricks for flat lay photos is to create a backdrop I love. These gauze runners come in so many beautiful colors and can be laid around or under your couple’s details. They’re another great option to bring your couple’s wedding colors and palette into their final images, too. 

gauze table runner for backdrop in detail photos

Vintage Stamps

Vintage stamps are some of my favorite items to add on flat lays. They look so classic beside wedding invitations and save-the-dates, and just provide a fun twist to the final images. These collectible packs provide a variety of sizes and colors to choose from! 

vintage stamps for detail styling kit

Vintage Scissors (Option 1 and Option 2)

A quick and easy way to elevate your flat lays is one of these gorgeous vintage scissor options. They look so elegant alongside a bride’s details and really bring the classic look to life! Amazon has some great options, whether you’re looking for silver or gold! 

Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic blocks are an easy way to create some depth in your flat lay images. Prop jewelry or other small items against the block for a simple and clear backdrop. These blocks allow the focus of your image to really stay where it needs to be. I also like tucking them under my gauze or ribbons for a little bit of depth! 

acrylic blocks for wedding detail styling kit

Ring Boxes

Ring boxes are one of my favorite ways to photograph my couple’s jewelry! It’s also nice to keep everything safe and sound. You can find these beautiful ring boxes on Amazon, but other companies also make gorgeous options (like the Mrs Box). These can also make great client gifts – purchase one in the color that matches your couple’s wedding day for a sweet trinket for them!  

Vintage Gold Tray

If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop for your jewelry photos, consider a gold tray. I LOVE how it looks with rings and earrings. It’s a great and easy way to bring an elegant backdrop to your final images – without it overpowering any of the beautiful items your couples chose. 

gold tray for detail styling kit for wedding photographers

Chasing Stone Mats

Speaking of backdrops, Chasing Stone’s styling mats are some of my favorite ways to elevate my detail images. They offer a variety of colors and textural looks, which means there’s truly something for everyone! Sign up for their email list for 10% off your purchase! 

chasing stone board for detail styling kit

Creating a detail styling kit is so much fun to me! It’s all about picking items that will enhance your couple’s carefully chosen details, all while elevating their details. My styling kit comes with me to every wedding and helps me create beautiful and classic flat lays that are a joy to photograph! 

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Detail Styling Kit for Photographers: Wedding photographer Kevyn Dixon shares her favorite Amazon finds to enhance your detail photos!
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