senior sits with arm falling on knee near tall grass in Midland NC

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Midland NC Senior Portraits in the Fall | Walker 


September 28, 2023

I cannot believe that Walker is graduating! When Caroline reached out to me about scheduling senior portraits for her son, I was shocked. Caroline is one of my favorite people and I always love working with her family – but there’s no way that her son was ready to think about graduating from high school! A few years ago, I did his older sister, Abby’s, senior portraits in the mountains. It was fun to plan Walker’s portraits in a similar location in Midland, NC in the fall to celebrate his achievements.

Fall Midland NC Senior Portraits

Walker was a great sport for our entire session. High school guys are famous for not loving photos – but Walker was amazing for me. The private land we were on was beautiful and we were able to start his photos by the water and on the wooden dock. From there, you could see all of the incredible fall colors. Walker’s outfits were both perfect for the time of year, too! I loved the muted tones – he looked great in all of the foliage. 

We explored the lands together, finding tall grass, a wood covered patio, and lots of beautiful trees. Everywhere I looked there was another perfect spot for a photo of Walker! Caroline and Abby came along with us to help make him laugh and I made sure to capture new photos of Caroline with her kids, too. It was great to see Abby gain and hear about what’s been going on with her lately. I love being able to catch up with clients like this. It’s special to me to become a little part of the family. 

Congratulations on graduating, Walker! You’ve accomplished so much and I know you’re going to continue to do great things.

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Midland NC Senior Portraits in the fall on private land photographed by NC senior portrait photographer Kevyn Dixon Photography

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