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Wedding Exit Ideas for Couples | My Favorite Amazon Finds

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February 14, 2023

Wedding reception exits are so much fun – and nowadays there’s so many great options to make these exits fun for you and your guests! The best part is that most of what you need to pull these reception exits off can be found on Amazon. I’m all about easy to plan and easy to execute exits for your wedding day. I’ve been a wedding photographer for several years now, so I want to share a few of my favorite exit ideas (and Amazon finds!). These are great for both ceremonies and receptions, so make sure to take a peek if you’re looking for something special for your wedding day! 

bride and groom dance walking through sparkler exit

Planning Your Exit

I wanted to share a quick note about wedding exits. Some couples do these exits from their ceremony – especially things like bubbles, confetti, or flower petals. But, most couples do exits from their reception. That’s when you’ll see the sparkler photos people love! Either option works – and it really depends on the look you want in your photos! Talk to your photographer and wedding planner to figure out the best idea. Make sure you find out what your venue allows, too!!

One other important tip – don’t be surprised if your wedding photographer suggests a “fake” exit before the end of your reception. This is normal and happens for a few reasons. The most important reason is that your photographer wants to include as many people as possible in the photos – so doing them before people begin leaving is a smart option. It also means that they can leave by their contracted time and often allows the photos to be taken before it gets too dark! 

Ribbon Exits

I LOVE ribbon exits. They’re one more chance to highlight your wedding colors – and a great option if your venue doesn’t allow fire or sparklers. Ribbons are super fun for your guests to move and twirl around. Here’s some of my favorite options:

Silver Streamer Tubes | Ribbon Wands | Ivory Ribbons

Sparkler Exits

Sparkler exits are one of the more “traditional” options for your wedding reception exit. They provide a romantic glow to your photos and guests always have a great time with them. Here’s a little tip for you: get longer sparklers so they won’t run out as fast, which means we have plenty of time to get that winning photo! 

Sparklers | Bucket

Confetti Exits

I love, love, love confetti exits!! These are so much fun – especially for your ceremony. It’s a great way to get some playful photographs of you and your spouse coming back up the aisle and celebrating with your loved ones. Whether you want round or square confetti – or white or colorful – there’s options galore on Amazon. PS. Confetti poppers can be an awesome prop for super fun bridal party photos, too!These are a few of my favorites:

White Loose Confetti | Round Confetti | Confetti PoppersOption 2 and Option 3

Flower Petal Exits

Another great option for your ceremony exit is flower petals! These are a wonderful eco-friendly option and tossing them results in really romantic photo ops. I love watching my couples kiss as petals fall around them. Flower petals are also great for portraits with your spouse or bridal party, too!

Flower Petals | Flower Cones

Other Fun Options… 

The possibilities are endless for creative exits on your wedding day. Two of my other favorite options are bubbles and foam glow sticks! They’re both really fun for your guests and provide some incredible options. Anything that will make you laugh and smile is a win in my book!

There’s a few ideas for you to make your wedding exit dreams come true! Remember to coordinate with your photographer, planner, and venue as you plan these fun exits. They’re meant to make you smile and feel celebrated! 

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Wedding exit inspiration: Wedding photographer Kevyn Dixon shares her favorite Amazon finds to plan the perfect exit on your wedding day!

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