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Bridal Portraits: Haley Painter


November 3, 2020

I met Haley through her sister Kelsey, who I went to college with! Since I’ve known Haley awhile,  capturing her bridal session and her wedding at The Arbors were so special to me. I’m thrilled to be sharing her bridal portraits with you now that she and Will are married. They got married October 30th at The Arbors and it was SO good to see them both! Until it’s time to enjoy their wedding portraits here on the blog, enjoy these Arbors bridal portraits of Haley – you won’t be sorry!

The Arbors Bridal Portraits

With the help of Haley’s mom and sister, Kelsey, we had a great bridal session at the Arbors Wedding Venue in Cleveland, NC. Seriously, if you’ve never been… the Arbors property is stunning. With gardens, a wooden arbor, and the beautiful main building, there was such a variety of looks we were able to achieve. Haley was her amazing self, letting me have some fun! Bridal sessions are always great because we have the time to be creative and playful. Because there’s no busy timeline to stick to, we can relax and enjoy that they’re truly ALL about the bride-to-be.

Haley’s Bridal Look

Haley chose such a classic bridal look for her big day. Seriously, her wedding dress is perfect for her – like it was made for her! And it is soooo lightweight. She was able to twirl and move in it easily, which was great for me. I LOVE the movement we captured in some of the portraits of Haley twirling around. She is so laid back and it made our entire session so much fun. She was up for trying anything!! Honestly, it paid off. We got some incredible bridal portraits at the Arbors!

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The Arbors Bridal Portraits with Kevyn Dixon Photography

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