bride and groom outside grandover resort in greensboro nc for july wedding summer sun

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What to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Create an Ideal Client Profile

For Photographers

September 18, 2018

Hi everyone!!!

Last week, I started a new blog series all about Defining Your Ideal Client. You can read the first post here. Today I’m writing all about the questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE creating an Ideal Client Profile.

You may want to skip this step altogether, but TRUST ME HERE.

These are questions that are going to help you more than you realize right now. And you may be thinking… but didn’t you just give me questions to answer about myself last week?!

Well, yes. But I have more 😉

In order to appeal to our most ideal clients, we have to know some things about ourselves. And you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I already know everything there is to know about myself. I’m me.” Well, duh. But sometimes working through exercises like this and asking ourselves questions we wouldn’t just ask ourselves on a random day helps us dig deeper and uproot the details we needed all along.

There has never been a time that I did an exercise like this that I regretted it, so trust me here, and let’s do it!!!

Keep your answers to these questions nice and simple!

  1. What do I do? (Well, hopefully this one isn’t tough)

For me, this is photography AND educating other photographers/small business owners. If you’re not a photographer, that’s okay! all of these questions still apply to you too!

  1. What is my niche?

As far as my photography goes, I serve brides and I serve high school senior girls. Remember last week when I said that you can’t be everything to everybody? That is so important to keep in mind here. If you haven’t already, you should really narrow this down to one or two types of clients, ideally.  

  1. What am I really good at?

I am good at developing personal connection with my clients, and giving them a unique and consistent client experience. Try to pinpoint just a few key areas where you excel when it comes to your clients. Maybe that is some component of your personality, maybe it’s making them feel at ease/comfortable, beautiful. Maybe it’s your communication style. Maybe it’s the actual service you provide that is SO unique and different! Use your imagination here!

  1. What excites me?

For me, seeing joy and emotion on their faces when they see their photos for the first time excites me! Making my clients feel truly loved and served excites me. What is it for you?

  1. What do I value as a person and as a business? What do I hold most dear?

As a person, I value other people. I value my family and other close relationships. I also value my time VERY much. As a business, I value my clients above anything else. I value how I make them feel. A lot of what you value as a person will likely translate to your business somehow as well! 🙂

I kept my answers short and sweet as not to influence you too much. I want you to answer these questions for YOURSELF. It’s so dang easy to scroll through Instagram and think, “Gosh, I really want so-and-so’s clients.” Trust me, everyone has a different ideal client, and it’s up to YOU to determine what that is for you. I could talk all day about how Instagram/social media can influence you in both positive and negative ways…don’t get online while you’re doing this exercise! You don’t want to muddy the waters! 🙂

bride and groom outside grandover resort in greensboro nc for july wedding summer sun

So, here’s your homework for next week. Answer these questions without influence from anyone else!

For next week, I want you to choose ONE type of client that you serve. Start thinking about this now… what do you want to focus on in the next couple of weeks? If you’re like me, maybe you’re choosing between brides and senior girls.

Go ahead and choose ONE. Remember last week when I said to keep your MOST FAVORITE CLIENT EVER in the back of your mind? Bring that person to the forefront of your mind for next week!

If you’re struggling with any of this, feel free to email me directly at I’m happy to help! 🙂

Can’t wait to see you again here next week!

xo Kevyn


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