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Separk Mansion Bridal Portraits in Gastonia, NC


September 20, 2018

Ohhhh I just LOVE bridal portraits so much!!! It’s really one of my favorite things leading up to a wedding day. Victoria’s Separk Mansion bridal portraits are definitely going to be a forever favorite!

I have brides ask me all the time if they should do bridal portraits or not, and my answer is always YES!

Why You Should Do Bridal Portraits

Why? Because it gives you the chance to see yourself all done up as a BRIDE – BEFORE your wedding day! Not many people think about the fact that their wedding day may be the FIRST time that they’re seeing themselves as a bride! How crazy, right!?

When you think about it, wouldn’t you want to see yourself completely as a bride before the wedding? I know I would! You can do your hair and makeup trial! You can pick and choose the jewelry and shoes that go with your dress best! And you can choose a veil!

This also gives you the opportunity to get MANY more photos of yourself as a bride than on your wedding day. Trust me when I say that things move FAST on a wedding day! And while we are sure to get at least one set of photos of you by yourself on your wedding day, it is usually rushed and we only get to choose one or two spots! With bridal portraits, you can take as much time as you need to get ready. You can take some deep breaths, see yourself as a bride and totally get emotional about it, and then have plenty of time to take your time with photos!

You can also PRINT some of your bridal portraits to display during your reception!

Victoria’s Day

Just look at Victoria’s gorgeous bridal portraits… we were able to go to EVERY single spot that both of us loved at Separk Mansion in Gastonia, NC because we had the time to! And guess what?! Victoria’s wedding day was RIGHT in the worst of Hurricane Florence – we didn’t get to step outside AT ALL except for ONE time that day! How crazy! Thank goodness we did bridal portraits! I love her classic Separk Mansion bridal portraits and I hope you do too!!!

Venue: Separk Mansion

Bride’s Attire: Winnie Couture; Anjolique Bridal


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