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Portraits in Carrboro of Kendall Bailey Photography


November 30, 2017

This past weekend, I made a trip up to the Raleigh area to do some graduation portraits for a lovely lady who is graduating from NC State. I decided to prolong my stay and catch up with some of my amazing friends from both high school and college! 

I met my friend Kendall in downtown Carrboro (such a cute place) and we photographed each other! I have done this with a few other photographers and it is always so much fun. It’s great to be on the other side of the camera, since it doesn’t happen very often for us! 😉

I could photograph Kendall all day long, seriously. My camera loves her. We found just a few great spots to photograph each other in downtown Carrboro and those few spots were plenty! A couple of these portraits are probably some of my favorites EVER!!! The close ups in front of the old rusty car…AHH!!! 

Moral of the story is this…never ever stop shooting for fun! Just this one shoot with Kendall has left me feeling rejuvenated and wanting to shoot more! It’s so important to keep shooting for the sake of your own creativity. Burnout is REAL and will get you FAST if you don’t nourish your own creativity every once in a while. 

Kendall is an INCREDIBLE music photographer. I could browse her work all day long because it is so unique. She stands out from other photographers so well and works hard at what she does. Just a few names she’s photographed…. Lil Wayne, Lake Street Dive, Kate Rhudy… SERIOUSLY GO LOOK AT HER WORK!!! 

Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and her website! 

You’re gonna be AMAZED!

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