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Engagement // Anna & Ezekiel

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May 8, 2017

The biggest compliment you can receive as a photographer is when one of your BEST FRIENDS asks you be their photographer! Anna is one of my closest friends (and college roommates), and she and Ezekiel have been together for well over six years!!! Cutest high school sweethearts ever!

I have loved being able to see their relationship grow up close and personal, and even being a third wheel every now and then! I’ve seen them progress from dating into being engaged, and I get to see them get married in just a few weeks! I can’t wait!!! 

For their engagement session, we explored the area around Moses Cone Manor, and Beacon Heights, which are two gorgeous spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway! Moses Cone is great because there are lots of different areas to explore. Beacon Heights is one of my favorite places because of the gorgeous views and perfect sunset light! We went on a hike for their engagement session, which is exactly how Ezekiel proposed last year!  

Congratulations, Anna & Ezekiel, and I can’t wait for your wedding in just a few short weeks!!! 🙂 

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