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How Mastering Money for Photographers has Changed My Business

For Photographers

April 27, 2021

Have you heard? The doors for Mastering Money for Photographers close TONIGHT! I’m so excited about this course because it’s helped so many business owners understand their finances as business owners. Knowing and understanding your numbers makes such a huge difference in how you run your business. If you’re looking for the chance to change your finances as a photographer, NOW is the time to join us! I honestly don’t know when doors will open again, so don’t miss a chance to make your life easier!

Top 5 money tips for photographers to eliminate stress around finances shared by North Carolina wedding photographer Kevyn Dixon Photography

What will you learn?

The main focus of this course is to help you understand your finances so that you have peace of mind and a system for building a profitable business.

Modules inside the course include:

Your Money Story
Legal + Banking Setup
The Profit First System
Pricing For Profit
The Money Workflow for Photographers
Taxes + Insurance
Retirement + Future Planning
& Bonuses!!!

mastering money for photographers: online course about financial freedom and systems

How has this course changed your life?

Because of the modules in Mastering Money for Photographers, I’ve made my life as a business owner SO much easier. First and foremost, I can actually pay myself. This isn’t something a lot of business owners do right away. Additionally, I have a good handle on my business expenses because I know all of my numbers. This has allowed me to think carefully about what I really need or can turn off… and you know what that means? More profit, a bigger check for myself, savings for the “just in case” days and focusing on the purchases I really need. And honestly one of the biggest changes? I’m NOT afraid to look at my bank account! I know what I’ll see and that’s SUCH a great feeling.

And another big change has been an easier go at tax time. I’m not freaking out over everything and I can collaborate with my accountant very easily. This is great for BOTH of us. One thing I really love about Mastering Money for Photographers is that this course can truly be tweaked for you and your specific business, situation, and life. Everything is about making the systems work for you! I can’t wait to help you find financial freedom as a business owner!¬†

Join us HERE!

Mastering Money for Photographers is a financial online course made specifically for wedding and portrait photographers






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