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Mastering Money for Photographers is Open for Enrollment

For Photographers

April 20, 2021

I am SO excited to share that my online course for photographers, Mastering Money for Photographers is open for enrollment as of TODAY! The doors are closing Tuesday April 27th, so now is the perfect time to check out what this course is all about – and to get signed up. This course is for anyone who wants to be sure they’re operating the financial pieces of their business correctly. No more worrying if Google was right or not! Now is the time to learn from someone who’s been there, done that, and wants you to succeed.

wedding photographer opens doors to online course about finances for photographers

Who Mastering Money for Photographers is for…

Do you ever feel like you make money just to spend it? This is all too common in the creative community… you get your business up and running, put ALL your time, effort, and even financial resources into creating a business that you LOVE. And then, the cycle begins. You don’t have enough to pay for your taxes. Or, you keep showing a loss year after year. You never have enough to pay yourself. You think, “What am I doing wrong?!” I’m here to help you break that cycle of “work hard and have nothing to show for it” once and for all.

Mastering Money for Photographers: an online course for photographers

What are you teaching me?

With the help of Mastering Money for Photographers, so many of my students have been able to get the financial side f their business in order. They’ve opened their bank accounts, learned how to pay themselves more, ensured their business is consistently profitable and even saved for retirement. Wouldn’t it be nice to get to tax time each year and NOT want to cry onto your keyboard? I’m telling you – that’s what this course is all about! I want you to go from overwhelm to in control. Having a profitable business is NOT a dream – it can be a reality, trust me.

Modules inside the course include:

Your Money Story
Legal + Banking Setup
The Profit First System
Pricing For Profit
The Money Workflow for Photographers
Taxes + Insurance
Retirement + Future Planning
& Bonuses!!!

If you struggle with any of these things in your business and don’t have a financial plan set in place for your business, you need to jump in today! And, if you sign up today (within the first 48 hours of the doors opening), I have an extra bonus for you! You’ll get a 30 minute 1:1 call with me. We can talk all things pricing, money management ,paying yourself, really ANYTHING related to your business! 

Join us here as we open doors for a limited time for this Mastering Money online course for photographers!!

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