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3 Key Components of an Inquiry Response Email

For Photographers

March 20, 2019

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you three key components of an inquiry response email.  Now, I am a photographer, but these inquiry response tips can be applied to really any business across the board.

I constantly tweak my inquiry response email and I usually change it once or twice a year depending on whether or not I want to change things in the email! It all depends on how it is converting for me!

Tip One

The first key component is a greeting and congratulations. Now this all depends on what type of photographer you are, so this may not apply to everyone, but most people that are interested in having photos made are celebrating a special occasion! It is so important to acknowledge that. I love taking the time to congratulate potential clients, because I always felt so special when people took the time to congratulate me when I got engaged!

If you send an automated response through a CRM like Honeybook, it is difficult to be personal in that first email and that’s okay.  Just make sure you send a follow-up email that is a bit more personal based on what they wrote In the contact form. If you are responding manually instead of automatically it is the perfect opportunity to go ahead and be personal! Pull in details about their venue, the time of year they’re getting married, the style of their wedding, etc.

Tip Two

The second key component is a link to an online scheduler.  Now I know that not very many people do this… but hear me out! My online scheduler Calendly has saved me so much time.  It completely eliminates the back-and-forth of trying to set up meetings. You can use this to set up a phone call, a video call, or even in-person meetings if you want.  I personally use it to schedule phone calls with all potential clients.

Tip Three

The third key component is a freebie or something that provides them value. Here’s an example of my current inquiry response –  for brides, it contains a freebie about wedding planning. Even though I am not a wedding planner I understand the basic timeline of what needs to be done to plan a wedding because I am a bride myself.

It is so important to show potential clients right off the bat how you can provide value to them during their experience with you.

At the bottom of my inquiry response email, there is a freebie attached to help them through the many months of wedding planning. There are tons of things that you could provide them with. For example some other ideas for brides would be the best gifts for your bridesmaids,  creative date ideas, or how to choose your wedding style. The possibilities are endless! If you are not a wedding photographer, and you need help coming up with an idea feel free to email me at hello@kevyndixonphoto.com!

These three key components will help you make your inquiry response more personal, provide the next step, and give them something valuable!

A Gift For You!

I hope these tips have been so helpful for you in crafting your own inquiry response email. Want a copy of my own personal inquiry response that I currently use? You can grab your copy HERE!

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