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How to Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays

For Photographers

November 13, 2018

Hey there business owner friend!

The holidays are coming up so soon! I literally can’t believe that were already in November – it’s almost Thanksgiving and people are already putting up Christmas decorations!!!

You may be wondering how to prepare your business for the holidays so you can actually take time off!


1. Start wrapping up any big projects for the year.  For me this looks like finishing any big editing projects such as weddings closer to the end of the year, and album design for my wedding and portrait! I want these clients to have albums in their hands by Christmas!  If you have any other big goals that you have been working towards this year now is the time to put your head down and get to work so that you can walk into 2019 feeling accomplished and ready to tackle something new!

2. Set an autoresponder email.  This has been huge for my business. I always have an autoresponder email even when I’m not on vacation. However, if you only set it one time this is the time to do it! People need to understand that you’re a business owner –  but you’re also a person that deserves time off for the holidays. If you have frequently asked questions, go ahead and write out those questions and answers in your autoresponder email.

3. Change your hours on Facebook, Instagram, or Google my Business if you feel you need to.  I personally don’t worry about this but I know some people operate on a very strict schedule, especially if they do have an office or studio space, so changing your hours may be helpful to let people know that you aren’t actually open.

4. Post on social media that you’ll be on vacation, the dates that you’ll be gone, and the day that you’re coming back!  Sometimes even a very simple Instagram post will do. I see this from photographers all the time, even if they just take a small vacation to the beach for a few days they let people know that they will be back and they’ll be returning their emails on whatever day!

5. Be proactive.  Anticipate the needs of your clients and plan for them.  Again, album design and print orders are at the biggest thing for photographers going into this season.  If someone reached out to you a long time ago about getting an album for Christmas, but they have disappeared, reach back out to them and see if they’re still interested in getting that album for Christmas.  This can give you some extra cash as well as give them an awesome Christmas present!


The main thing to remember going into the holiday season is that the world will not stop turning if you stop working in your business. This is especially important for solopreneurs to remember! Sometimes we feel like if we stop checking email for even so much as an hour that we’re going to miss a great opportunity or a new client.  Don’t worry! At the very least make sure you’re actually taking Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to really just put your business on the back burner and not worry!!!

Do you have your own tips for getting ready for the holidays I would love to see them in the comments below!

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