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3 Ways You Can Show Appreciation To Your Clients

For Photographers

November 6, 2018

Hey there photographer friends!!

Today I’m sharing three ways that you can easily show appreciation to your clients!!

Our clients are the reason that we have businesses in the first place… without them what would we be?!

I always say in my business that I want to be relational, NOT  transactional. I don’t want to be just another payment or just another contract signed with any type of client.  I want them to see me as a person first and as a photographer second… and in order to do that we have to create relationships with our clients.

Tip #1  is to send them a handwritten note! In my opinion, nothing is more personal than actually taking time out of your day to write to someone.  I do this a couple of times in the process of working with my wedding clients. Writing them a note at the beginning of your time working with them is such a great first impression.  Writing notes at any time during the process of working with the client is always an unexpected little treat and will put a smile on their face! They will know that they’re not just another  client to you… you appreciate them as a person.

Tip #2  is to send them a gift.  There are tons of options as far as gifts go – it’s kind of overwhelming.  Even if you aren’t a wedding photographer, sending an appropriate gift to whatever type of client you are wanting to reach is always so special.  If you have no idea where to start, try looking at BoxFox  to either send your own gift or gather inspiration.  I have also used Memento and Muse  for client gifts in the past.  Melinda is so talented and amazing at creating a curated client gift  that fits exactly what your brand stands for. If you’re looking for something quick and easy definitely use a service like BoxFox. If you’re looking for something a little more tailored to your brand and exclusive, use a service like Memento and Muse!

Tip #3 is to actually thank them and tell them how much they mean to you in person.  My main way of doing this is at the end of a wedding night.  I always say thank you and congratulations to the bride and groom personally before they exit the wedding reception.  I always give hugs too 😉

Another little bonus tip is to say thank you to the parents of both the bride and groom before leaving the ceremony as well. This is always so unexpected for them but yet so appreciated!!!

These are three super easy ways that you can show appreciation to your clients!  Do you do any of these things already in your business? What’s your favorite way to show appreciation to your clients?!  Let me know by sending me an email at hello@kevyndixonphoto.com! I’d love to hear from you!


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