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Christmas Tree Farm Proposal: Nathan and Wendy

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December 19, 2017

How is Christmas going to be here in LESS than one week?! I can’t believe it!!!

I am in the Christmas spirit and I hope you are too! So, to celebrate, I am sharing this amazing Christmas tree farm proposal I got to shoot recently!!!

Erin, Nathan’s sister, initially reached out to me about the proposal. We figured out the day, time, and place it would happen. I was so excited! When I got to Cedar Lake Christmas Tree Farm (super cute by the way), I met up with Casey, a friend of theirs who works at the Tree Farm and knew the proposal was happening!

She asked me if I wanted an employee sweatshirt to wear…UM, YES! I SO wish I had taken a photo of myself wearing the sweatshirt because I definitely could have passed as an employee!!! Haha!

With my bright red sweatshirt, I headed toward the area where Nathan would be proposing to Wendy. Erin and her boyfriend were with them, and I spotted them pretty quickly as I was texting her!

I approached them and told them I was one of the Christmas tree farm employees, and that I was taking a photo for each group of people that chose a Christmas tree! I started walking around the area, and Erin came back and grabbed me for a photo. I took a photo of her and her boyfriend first, as to not be too suspicious! Then, I asked if Nathan and Wendy wanted a photo made. Of course Nathan said yes because he knew it was time!!! 

And with that, he got down on one knee and asked Wendy to marry him!!! What a fun day! We did a mini engagement session afterwards all around the Christmas tree farm–I will definitely be going back. There are so many beautiful spots there! 

Congratulations Nathan & Wendy!!! 🙂

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