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Wedding // Abby & Ian

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June 8, 2017

Ohhh you guys!! I am SO excited to share Abby & Ian’s wedding day with you!! It was the most beautiful day…absolutely perfect weather when the forecast had called for thunderstorms all week. They have truly blessed me with their sweet personalities and kind words, and I’m so happy to share some of their story…

Abby & Ian met through their campus ministry at Appalachian. Ian invited Abby to be his date to his Army ROTC formal that spring. Her father was a Naval Pilot and she is actually in the Air National Guard, so she has a high respect and appreciation for the military! She borrowed her mother’s long, black, classic sparkly dress that she used to wear to her father’s military functions, and he picked her up in his Tundra pick-up truck. Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?! 

She went to Air Force Military Basic Training for eight weeks that summer and immediately went to Technical School Training afterwards for a few months. They still have all their letters they wrote back and forth and they read them to each other on their last anniversary! After seven months of separation, they were reunited at the airport and over the course of their separation had fallen in love.

From Abby: “My heart is overflowing with joy, but I have a sense of overwhelming peace from the Father because Ian and I get to take on this crazy life together. We will face more months of separation as deployments and trainings arise, but we will remain resilient and grow deeper in our union despite the vast miles between us. Writing this to you, I cannot remove a permanent smile on my face. God is so present! Our greatest hope is that our relationship and love for one another glorify His kingdom and we can serve side by side as best buddies and partners for all our days.”

Abby & Ian have such a heart for the Lord. I got chills reading their story for the first time, and here I am with chills again. They are just amazing, and I am so honored to have been part of their wedding day! 

Vendor Love:

Venue: The Hugh Chapman Center

Bride & Groom Portrait Location: The Eseeola Lodge

Planner: Daphne Petrey

Catering: Earthworks Catering

Rentals: A & J Rentals

Miss Match Rentals

Brew Gloo Beer Trailer

Florist: Melissa Lonas

Dress: Young’s Twice Blessed

Second Shooter: Jenna Markiewicz


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