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Engagement // Brittany and Clayton’s Sunrise portraits at The Ivy Place

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December 21, 2016

Brittany and Clay are one of my sweet 2017 couples! I did their engagement pictures at the end of October, and I was so happy when we scheduled a sunrise engagement session! Even though we had to be up before the sun, the pictures were so worth it! 

I am thrilled to be shooting their wedding at The Ivy Place in Lancaster, South Carolina next September! I love it when brides write about their love story, so… Here are some words from Brittany:

It all started in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Not only is West Virginia special because that’s where Brittany calls home, but it’s also the place that brought Clayton and Brittany together. Five years, two moves across the country, and one proposal later..they’re getting married! Their story is pretty unique; they swear they could write a book about it.

Back in 2011, Clayton spent his summer in Beckley, WV to pursue his baseball career with the West Virginia Miners. Brittany was a lifeguard at a local pool who happened to host a pool party for Clayton and the rest of the team. They both remember seeing each other that night; Brittany remembers what Clayton was wearing and Clayton remembers Brittany and her different colored eyes. Luckily for the two of them, the family that Clayton was staying with for the summer had a daughter, Ashton, who just so happened to be Brittany’s co-worker. Ashton was determined to find some new friends for the guys, so she invited Brittany and another friend over to meet Clayton and a couple of his teammates. They were both shocked when they saw each other AGAIN that night, so much that they barely spoke to one another – ok, ok, maybe they were a little shy. They soon began spending ever possible moment together, but between Brittany’s work schedule and Clay’s games, it sometimes only meant minutes together. The first summer flew by and they never considered making a long distance relationship work, but by the time Clay’s second summer in West Virginia ended, they knew it was exactly what they wanted. On June 11, 2016, Clay took Brittany back to where it all began: the West Virginia Miners’ stadium where he spent countless hours playing and she spent countless hours watching. They were going to watch a game that night, but Clay wanted to go to the field that afternoon because “his coach had a surprise for him.” Little did Brittany know, she was the one in for a surprise! They were walking around the stadium looking for his coach when, all of a sudden, Clay led Brittany onto the field and over to home plate. From there, he got down on one knee, and asked her the easiest question she has ever been asked, “Will you marry me?” Their journey has been an absolute dream come true, and now they can continue living that dream as one.

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