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Bridal Inspiration // Amber


August 19, 2016

Bridal Portraits. It’s a Southern tradition.

I love seeing a bride dressed up on her wedding day, looking in the mirror before going down the aisle and knowing how truly beautiful she is. She has chosen the perfect dress and glittering jewelry, her best friends and family members are surrounding her, and her groom is anxiously awaiting her. 

For me, there is so much joy in photographing the bride alone. It’s no different for styled shoots. I love the excitement and pure happiness that shows in their eyes and their sweet smiles. Amber, my sweet model for this shoot, is not married or engaged (yet!), and she felt like a real bride during the process. I am so excited to show you all some of my favorite frames from Amber’s styled Bridal Portraits!!!

 Here’s a little bit of what Amber had to say about her experience modeling for these styled Bridal Portraits: 

“When Kevyn responded that I would be in a wedding dress and that this was a wedding styled shoot I was shocked but excited. I didn’t know what to expect, but was really looking forward to the experience. I met Kevyn and Nichole at the bridal boutique to choose a wedding dress and they were so very sweet. This almost felt like the real deal, as if I was choosing a dress for my actual wedding. After this I was anxiously awaiting the shoot because I was really looking forward to the whole experience.

Once we arrived at The Oaks I was anxious to get everything going. Taylor and Heather from Sweet Magnolia Beauties were so sweet and during the hair and makeup process I truly felt like a bride. I had just recently cut over 13 inches off of my hair and wondered how in the world they would be able to do anything with it. They worked magic and it looked absolutely gorgeous. Once I put my dress and my jewelry on it felt so surreal… it felt like a glimpse into my future. Shortly after we got the shoot going and Kevyn and Nichole were so much fun. I had always not been the best at “soft smiles” and they were so sweet. They were constantly complimenting me and reassuring me that my soft smiles weren’t crazy like I thought they were. Wearing a wedding dress in 90 degree weather is never ideal, but they made the shoot so much fun!”


Fabulous Frocks of Charlotte | Sweet Magnolia Beauties | The Bead Lady | The Oaks 

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