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Okay, we all know it… there are a million things happening on a wedding day. Will I know where to go? Will I remember everyone’s names? Will I know where to be at the right times? It’s time to have the perfect prep questionnaires to send to your clients, so you can save yourself the stress. Show up ready to impress everyone because you are ready to GO! 
Get your hands on my personal questionnaires that every client fills out before their big day. You can get ALL of the details from family and bridal party names to specific timing of events. Get ready to be the most prepared wedding photographer out there! 


Relationship Questionnaire

Engagement Session Questionnaire

Wedding Day Questionnaire

Vendor Questionnaire

on sale for $19!

Follow Up Questionnaire

An additional video training showing you exactly how I implement my questionnaires into my CRM, and how I send them out to my clients!