foolproof family
formals guide

Family Formal time used to be the point of the wedding day that gave me the MOST anxiety. Not knowing names or faces of my clients’ families made me SO nervous. I never knew what was going to happen during that time. Now, I get compliments from family members at weddings all the time, telling me how efficient I am and what a great experience they are having! Those compliments are priceless and can turn into MORE clients for you! Go from chaotic to confident with my Foolproof Family Formals Guide! This is about to take you from nightmare to dream come true! You can thank me later…


The exact Family Formals template I use for Wedding Clients

Lots of tips for how to maximize your efficiency during Family Formals time

An additional video training showing you exactly how I use Google Drive to stay organized and send out my Family Formals template for my clients to fill out prior to their wedding day! 

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